Bridgerama Day 2022

A Celebration Of The Opening Of The Third Street Bridge

Saturday, July 23 in Downtown Chatham—NEW DATE!

11 AM to 7 PM—Food, Music, Patios Until Late!

Because of the delay in finishing the bridge, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent asked the Historic Downtown Chatham BIA to change the date from June 25 to July 23.


(Third Street Bridge In 1911—Built In 1892)


Bridgerama Day 2022 Lineup

You can find everything on your mobile device as you walk King Street in downtown Chatham—each performance, booth, or popup attraction and the Entertainment Stage and Children's Fun Area—or just come and wander.


Fifth Street To Fourth Street

ACCESS Open Minds

ACCESS Open Minds will hand out information about their programs, services, and groups for children and youth ages 11 to 25. We have free swag items for those who stop by our table.

Kitchen Wood Etc.

Sheila White offers hand-crafted wood products, including cutting boards, bowls, trays, and Christmas ornaments. She has practical and decorative pieces for the entire home.

Majestic Athletics Cheer

Majestic Athletics Cheer has competitive cheerleading teams that encourage athleticism and confidence. They will be demonstrating their skills.

Art & Heirloom Shoppe—137 King St W.

At the Shoppe, Ruth Reeb painting with watercolors, Dannielle Quennville will be using alcohol inks, and Jill Cadotte will be spinning yarn. There are 51 other artist's work to see.


Kylie-Elizabeth is an everyday sustainable personal care brand. All products—deodorants, bath salts, cleaners, lip scrubs, lip balms, body scrubs, shampoo and conditioner bars—are made by hand in compostable containers, glass, or tin.

Collège Boréal—161 King St W.

Collège Boréal invites you to come in and see what programs they offer. There will be free cotton candy and drinks, activities for the kids, and treats! (While supplies last.)

Kavii's Artbin

Kavitha Ghosh draws animals, flowers, and people. She makes bookmarks, greeting cards, post cards, art prints, wall decor, stickers and magnets incorporating her drawings.

C-K Animal Rescue

CKAR, a volunteer organization, takes in unwanted animals, finds foster homes for them, then finds them permanent homes. They raise awareness about Puppy Mills and the sad reality of older animals in the shelter system.

Chatham Lawn Bowling Club

Club members will talk about lawn bowling and encourage people to come to the park to "Give it a Try." The first 3 times you are free, with lessons on how to play. The Chatham Lawn Bowling Club was established in Tecumseh Park in 1895.

Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority

The LTVCA offers information about the Conservation Authority and the role that it plays within Chatham-Kent. It will showcase their past and future projects as well as incentive programs for the citizens of C-K. They will hand out literature about conservation areas, programs, upcoming events, and some swag.

Stone Turtle Studio

Bill Arbor specializes in gemstones, jewellery, petrified wood, and all kinds of stones, which we turn into rings, pendants, and other delights. His studio is located on the Thames River in Kent Bridge.


Fourth Street To Third Street

Daniel's Crystal Zen Gardens

Daniel Hickey makes gardens-in-boxes from hand-crushed and laid crystal and stones. He takes custom orders. See

Kent Historical Society

Society members will talk about and answer questions about Chatham-Kent history and display some of their historical artifacts. They will have their publications for sale.

Mary's Goose Clothes

Mary Mason offers her handmade clothing for goose lawn ornaments.

Chatham-Kent Tourism

C-K Tourism says, "Whether you're planning a family adventure, a romantic getaway, or a weekend with friends, you're sure to discover unique spaces and places in Chatham-Kent." They can help you find them!

Sweet & Salty Crepe Bar—199 King St W.

Sweet & Salty is a small business specializing in homemade crepes. They also offer unique decorated milkshakes, ice cream, and homemade baklava.

Loaded 2 Go—203 King St W.

Loaded 2 Go will have promotional giveaways, brochures, and will operate some video and photo ops. And there's food and drink!

Turns & Tales—213 King St W.

T & T will be having a sidewalk sale from 10 am to 4 pm. As well, we will be having the musical duo Deep Southwest from 5-7 p.m. Come celebrate with live entertainment and refreshing drinks.

Kent Branch of Ontario Ancestors

The mission of Kent Branch Of Ontario Ancestors is the preservation, education and accessibility of genealogy and local history. We welcome attendees to stop by our booth to tell us a bit about your own family history.

Hand Cut Company

Adam Kearney is a "Disabled Maker of Things in Southwestern Ontario. Graphic design and hand made goods." These include T-shirts, stickers, patches, jewelry, statues, and candles.

C-K Expo

Learn about C-K Expo 2023 and the joy of cosplay-"the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game." See photos of costumes from C-K and perhaps some live cosplayers!

Shine Forth

Tracy Kiser makes natural gemstone jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hand wrapped crystal pendants & rings, and much more.

RAD + Eco Stores—264 King St W.

RAD Studio + Eco Store is an independent architectural design studio and eco friendly retail home store. They will offer a no-tax special for Bridgerama Day 2022.

Chatham Honda

Chatham Honda are one of Bd2022's financial sponsors. Stop in and say hello and thanks for helping the celebration.


Entertainment Stage

11:00-11:30: Opening Ceremony

Mayor Darrin Canniff will open the celebration at 11 a.m. and C-K Town Crier, George Sims, will be announcing where and when to find the various attractions.

11:35-12:05: Cary Templeman

Local Artist DJ & MC Cary Templeman a.k.a. Southpaw will perform a selection of his original songs, including "Simon Says," which features the 3rd Street Bridge and downtown Chatham.

12.10-12:40: The Universe Featuring Ray

The Universe Featuring Ray is an eccentric, eclectic art rocker invoking the spirits of Kurt Cobain.

12.45-1:15 Jacklyn Wills

From performing at small local festivals to sharing songs and stories at the world-famous Blue Bird Café in Nashville, Tennessee to BD2022! Jacklyn Wills is a Dresden homegrown singer-songwriter who can't wait to share her songs and stories with you!

1:20-3:00: Natural Light

Natural Light, the duo of Ashtin Atkinson and Jim Brown, will be singing and playing. You can watch their video at

3:05-3:35: TBA


3:40-4:10: Champagne Bay

Champagne Bay is Lori Sheppard and Lisa Warnock. They met in a church choir in Blenheim in 2010 and have been sharing their unique sound ever since. They have played many locales, including being regulars at Leamington Marina nights, local outdoor patios and private events throughout Chatham-Kent and surrounding areas.

4:15-4:45: Move Forward

Joelle Brown-Detailleur will sing her original songs while playing the keyboards.

4:50-5:20: Nick Wigcherink

Nick Wigcherink, solo cover artist, will entertain with songs by Pearl Jam and others.

5:25-5:55: Tom Kumagai

In addition to be a member of the local quartet, Canto In Armonia, Tom sings folk and folk-rock songs by performers such as Simon and Garfunkel, Jim Croce, and Ian and Sylvia.

6:00-7:00: Tommy Gresty

Tommy Gresty will entertain with originals and covers of popular country and pop songs. See more about him and hear his songs at


Historic Downtown Chatham BIA Children's Fun Area

Games and fun for young folks.


A Quick Look At Bridgerama Day 2022

To celebrate the opening of the Third Street Bridge, we're filling downtown Chatham with the most interesting, most varied lineup possible, all from Chatham-Kent, all at Bridgerama Day 2022.

Here's a quick idea of what you can see and do at the Historic Downtown Chatham BIA's Bridgerama Day 2022.

There will be seasoned performers and new performers to entertain you.

There will be a mix of Chatham-Kent community organizations to talk to, including the Kent Historical Society, the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority, the Kent Branch of Ontario Ancestors, Chatham-Kent Animal Rescue, Access Open Minds Youth Hub, and the Chatham Lawn Bowling Club.

There will be crafters, painters, writers, and more, each with a fine assortment of work to see and buy.

For younger attendees, there will be a Children's Fun Area.

George Sims, Municipality of C-K Town Crier, will be telling people what will happen next up and down the streets. The Mayor will open BD2022 at 11 a.m.

News about the release of the BD2022 Lineup is just below.

I hope to see you there.

Clair Culliford, BD2022 Organizer




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Finally, A Little More About Bridgerama Day 2022

To celebrate the opening, downtown Chatham will be home to many attractions. Some are music or other performances, some are sales, some are for children, some are for information, some are entertaining, and some are arts and crafts. Some are inside and some are out. All attractions come from Chatham-Kent.

The Story Of Bridgerama Days 1962

The first Bridgerama event, for the opening of the previous Third Street Bridge in July of '62, was a large and happy celebration that lasted three days. There were two dances (with a DJ for the young'uns and an orchestra for the adults—one on each side of the bridge!), a parade, “super sales” by downtown merchants, lunch and dinner specials, and more.

Chatham residents were delighted. “At Last! The New Third Street Bridge Opens and All Roads Lead To Chatham!”

There's more about BD1962 in this article.

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